How to Put On A Corset

Putting on a Corset

If you are reading this, you must already be well aware of what a corset is. But for those who have landed up here by some mistake, hold on, you might find this interesting. A corset is a garment worn to train the torso to be in shape. It was and still is largely used to train the waist to become more slender.

Putting on a Corset

In earlier times, it was not only used for aesthetic purposes but sometimes also for medicinal purposes. If you can recall those old 16th-century paintings of women in gowns which were tight-fitted on the top and flowing and billowing towards the bottom, you might know what we are talking about.

A good corset surely does make one look terrific. Although the corset has been noted in fashion’s oldest of histories, it has made a great comeback.

You can see so many Hollywood celebs flaunting their magnificent physique in some fabulous corsets. They sure do look magnificent, but those stars have a train of humans helping them get dressed. But putting on a corset at home with minimal or no help at all? Don’t worry, read on!

Structure of a Corset

A corset is a tight garment with a firm skeletal structure. Some corset skeletons are even made of steel. This is done to provide maximum firmness and a good level of compression. The backside of the corset, as you might have seen in a lot of photos, has a whole lace-and-hole system running throughout its entire length.

What You Need

So, there is this big hullabaloo about how to put on a corset. Rightly so. This garment is a tricky one to deal with, but not impossible. Plus, all the effort you put into putting this on is totally going to be worth it once you see how it shapes the torso perfectly.

To be well prepared, you need to be careful that you all the following things ready:

  • The corset, of course
  • Whatever pair of trousers or jeans, or skirt you are going to wear
  • A chemise, which shall go under the corset
  • A good friend who is there to help you out
  • A whole lot of patience
Black Lace

Step 1: Sort out the Laces

Thank your stars if your corset is pre-laced. This tutorial just got a bit easier. A pre-laced corset means that the back of your corset will have the laces already in place, in a criss-cross manner. This resembles the criss-cross patterns of shoelaces. If your corset is pre-laced, just loosen up the laces a little to make the following steps a bit easier.

If in case your corset is not pre-laced, do not worry. Take a deep breath and just get started. All you have to do is create a criss-cross pattern in the holes with the lace, just like it is in shoes. The overlaps on every set of holes should look like an ‘x’. There are various online tutorials that can guide you through the process of lacing your corset.

Step 2: Wear a Chemise

A chemise is nothing but a garment made of soft, moisture-absorbent fabric like cotton. Wearing a chemise protects you as well as your precious corset by protecting the corset from grime and sweat, and by letting your skin breathe by absorbing the moisture. You can easily find a chemise in a shop that sells corsets. Else, it is very simple to DIY it since it is pretty much a tube-shaped garment.

Dancer in Costume

Step 3: Time to Wrap Up

It’s burrito time! Yes, you are going to get wrapped in that corset. You are getting closer to understanding the easiest way to put on a corset, so stay focused. With the front unclasped, wrap the corset around your torso.

Hold it carefully in place and fasten the first, middle and last clasp at the front. Once it is in place, continue to fasten the other remaining clasps. Make sure you’re simultaneously adjusting your comfort as you fasten the corset from the front.

Step 4: Fixing the Laces

Now for the final step, the laces again! If you have a kindred spirit who has agreed to help, then call out for help by all means. If not, then the mirror and patience are your best friends.

Remember, the laces are already in place from the first step. They are just a bit loosened up. So all you need to do is to slightly tug at them and adjust the tightness to your comfort level. Once that is done, tie the laces into a neat bow. That’s how it’s done!

Corset on Bed

Remember, putting on a corset is no child’s play. You may have to take off the corset to readjust its laces a couple of times. Please do not give up. We are here for you. That feeling is going to be worth all the effort!