Waist Training While Working Out: What You Should Know

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Waist training while working out is one of the most effective ways of getting into shape and strengthening your core. The small piece of garment can bring a lot of change into your lifestyle. You will start feeling in better shape and healthier, provided you combine working out and waist training. The following are some basic things you should know about waist training and working out.

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How Does It Help?

Waist training has changed the game in the fitness and nutrition field. A modern-day version of the corset, the waist trainer is a great element to incorporate in your everyday workouts. It’s simply like a piece of clothing that you need to slip into before starting your workout.

There are several ways in which a waist trainer can help get you into the shape you desire. The following are some common benefits.


A waist trainer is one of the best ways to shape your waist. The tight silhouette will help cinch your waist, provided you carry out regular exercise while wearing it. Typically, the waist trainer will heat up your core and create conditions for burning fat in your middle area. The more you try waist training, the more apparent the results will become. Gradually, you will start noticing that your waist will retain the shape even without the waist trainer.

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The waist trainer provides your torso with strong support to prevent you from slouching. The trainer will sit tightly on your torso, ensuring that you keep your back straight. This can do wonders for your posture. Especially, if you spend a lot of your time at work sitting at a desk, your posture is bound to deteriorate.

The waist trainer will help bring your spine back to its natural shape, saving you a lot of trouble and pain in the long run. It will help reduce lower back pain by saving your posture. You will also feel your core muscles strengthening, providing overall strength to your torso.


More than anything, a waist trainer is a great way to motivate yourself to stay in shape. While you are wearing it, you will feel the need to make the effort and work out. It will be a constant reminder that you need to get some exercise into your schedule.

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Without the waist trainer too, if you notice that waist training has been able to help shape your waist (which will become apparent within a few weeks), you will want to maintain that shape and carry on exercising and working hard. A waist trainer, therefore, is a great source of motivation.

Suppresses Appetite

While wearing the waist trainer, your normal appetite will be slightly reduced. Since the trainer will be applying pressure on your stomach, you will naturally prefer to eat smaller portions in order to be more comfortable. This does not mean that you should encourage starving yourself, but it is an effective way to maintain a diet. 

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You will automatically start avoiding foods that make your stomach bloat or those with a high glycemic index. It is a good way to inculcate some discipline around what you eat.

Dieting is one of the important aspects of staying in shape. A waist trainer will encourage you to eat healthily and only portions your body needs for nutrition, never too much!

Things to Take Care of While Waist Training

Now, the general benefits of waist training have been explained above. But before you take up waist training, there are some things you will need to take care of and think about. Figure out a schedule, diet and exercise regime you will be following to supplement your waist training.

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Wearing the waist trainer alone will not necessarily get you the desired results, you will also have to follow an exercise plan. The following are some of the things you should be mindful of while waist training.

Wear a Tank Top Underneath

Always wear a tank top or a thin T-shirt underneath your waist trainer. Since the band will come around your waist quite tightly, you want to prevent chafing and acne. Wearing a thin layer underneath the waist trainer will ensure it is not making direct contact with your skin.

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It will also be a more comfortable way for you to exercise. Besides, the more layers you wear, the greater the heat created and you will end up burning more calories.

Weight Training and Waist Training

Ideally, you should pair waist training along with weight training. Weight training includes strengthening your skeletal muscles using weights and the force of gravity. This is a great opportunity to strengthen your core as well.

You will be focusing on your core during weight training as it is, but with a waist trainer, the core exercises will be enhanced. Along with core strength, you will also be shaping your waist simultaneously.


Waist Training and HIIT

While waist training and weight training were always meant to be done together, the jury is still out on doing a high-intensity interval training alongside waist training. The main issue is that HIITs includes heavy cardio and will result in you taking shorter breaths. Feeling this shortness of breath while your waist is cinched may feel uncomfortable and lead to cramps. You can certainly perform cardio exercises while waist training, but perhaps something less intense will be less taxing on your body.

Hours Per Day

When you begin waist training, it is best to get started slow. You may find it challenging or uncomfortable, to begin with, but gradually it should get easier. Start by wearing the trainer for half an hour and then gradually increase your threshold. Once you have gotten used to waist training, you can wear it for up to eight hours a day.

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Avoid wearing trainers for longer than eight hours as your abdominal area also requires some rest and time to breathe. But other than that, you can easily wear the trainers while at work, while you are doing chores at home and even outside the house, over your clothes, when you are running an errand or walking (if the Kardashian sisters can do it, so can you!).

Tightening the Band

Your goal is to reach the last hook of the waist trainer. But have patience, this will not happen at the first go. If you can hook it to the last button but find it too stifling and are having trouble breathing, loosen it a notch. There is no point being uncomfortable the whole day and feeling short of breath. Your waist trainer is meant to be tight but not so tight that you feel too uncomfortable.

Final Thoughts

Waist training while working out is the new fitness craze. But it is here to stay as several people can see its benefits almost immediately. Waist trainers were first repopularized when the Kardashians were seen flaunting their narrow waists and trainers on Instagram. Soon, they were seen wearing waist trainers everywhere, sometimes even matching, festive ones during the holidays.

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While there can be several negatives to talk about with waist trainers, but if used responsibly and in a measured, balanced manner, waist trainers can make a huge difference to your life and how you treat your body. Only a few weeks with a waist trainer and you will begin to feel the difference yourself. You will want to stand straighter, maintain posture, maintain your diet and follow an exercise regime.

These are all elements that lead to a healthy lifestyle and who does not want that for themselves! Here is the only guide you need for finding the right waist trainer for you!