What Waist Trainers Do the Kardashians Use?

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Waist trainers are the new rage in the world of fitness and glamor. Everyone’s been using a waist trainer to stay in shape. Celebrities like Chrissy Teigen have also admitted to using waist trainers and Spanx. But the Kardashian sisters, by far, have done the most to keep this trend alive. This article goes into details of what waist trainers are and which are the ones the Kardashian sisters like using.

What Are Waist Trainers?

Waist trainers are like modern-day corsets that shape your middle. You need to wear it like a belt or corset for a few hours in the day to shape your waist. The waist trainers help you work up a sweat while you are working out, improve your posture by straightening your back and shaping your waist by squeezing the excess fat in.

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While corsets date back centuries, the new-age corsets have been popularized in the recent years thanks to the internet and the resident monarchs of social media, the Kardashian sisters. Kim, Khloé and more recently Kylie (Jenner) have been posting photos of their workout sessions while wearing waist trainers. The waist trainers draw their waists in visibly and add an hourglass shape to their figures. Since the Kardashians are partially responsible for this renaissance of new age corsets, it would be interesting to know which waist trainers they swear by.​ See our reviews of some of the best waist trainers in the market right now. 

What Waist Trainers Do the Kardashians Use?

The sisters often post selfies and videos from the gym and have even popularized wearing the waist trainer out on the street while going for a run or simply while taking their kids to the park. From a cursory look at their Instagram feed, the sisters seem to primarily use products by the Waist Gang Society.

Founded by PreMadonna in Florida around 2013, Waist Gang Society has expanded into selling everything, from meal replacement pills to swimwear. Surely, the Kardashian sisters using their products and then posting about it on their social media timelines have boosted sales. It began in 2014, with Khloé posting a closeup of her waist in a mirror selfie, captioned “Who doesn't love to feel tight and right?!?”. Soon, all the Kardashian sisters were posting their experiences and selfies with the product.

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The Waist Society has printed waist trainers too. Khloé was seen sporting their Christmas-themed waist trainer. Other than waist trainers, they have a postpartum package too for new mothers to “snap back”, which Kylie endorsed after giving birth to her daughter. 

Benefits of Using Waist Trainers

Other than the Kardashian sisters’ obvious endorsement of this kind of training, waist trainers have several benefits. Not only does it shape the body while you are wearing it, but it also instills a sense of consistency and way of life. In other words, a waist trainer is a great motivator to maintain a balanced diet and to exercise. The following are some advantages of using a waist trainer:

Better Posture

One of the incidental byproducts of wearing a waist trainer is that it corrects your posture. The trainer is tight and compels you to keep your back straight because of the rigidity. If you wear a waist trainer for at least a few hours every day for four weeks, you will start noticing the improvement in your posture.

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Fruitful Workouts

Your workouts will be more fruitful with the waist trainer on. Not only will the waist trainer compel your waist to retain a certain shape, but you will also sweat in your torso area more than usual, allowing you to shed the extra calories. In some ways, it works as a sauna, slimming belt.

Appetite Suppressor

If you are a big eater and you find that hindering your weight loss, the waist trainer will encourage you to eat smaller portions. When you are eating with the waist trainer on, you will start feeling full fairly early on. As you practice eating meals with the waist trainer for a few days, gradually your appetite will go down even when you are not wearing a waist trainer. This is not an endorsement to starve yourself. But if you have trouble controlling your urges while on a diet, a waist trainer can be of great help.

Tighter Waist

This is the most obvious benefit of a waist trainer but also the most important. By making your waist area sweat and by forcing it into a smaller mold, a waist trainer shapes your waist gradually. Of course, it will not work entirely on its own. You will have to exercise and eat right if you want the waist trainer to show results. But if you follow a regime faithfully for a month, you will see a few inches knocked off your waist.

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Great Motivation

As mentioned above, a waist trainer provides great motivation to maintain your diet and exercise. Once you see the results the waist trainer shows, you will want to keep it up even when you are not using it. Simply wearing the waist trainer will put you in workout mode and will motivate you to get the body you desire. Sometimes when you feel you can no longer go on, a simple nudge in the right direction is enough. A waist trainer is that nudge for many.

Final Thoughts

Waist trainers have been all the rage since they became known as the Kardashian sisters’ prescribed method of working out. What’s great is that they come in fashionable colors and cuts so you can look like a diva even with your plain gym attire. They are not, however, without controversies. If you feel a waist trainer is tiring you out more than usual or you remain hungry but cannot eat because of the corset, consider taking a break. It’s best to break into it slowly than to shock your body by waist training for too many hours. Take things slowly, to begin with and wear the trainer for as long as you think your body can bear it. If used correctly and responsibly, a waist trainer can do wonders for you!