What Do Waist Trainers Do?

  • August 22, 2019
  • / By April Stevens
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There are innumerable ways of getting into shape. New diets, workouts, and fads are cropping up almost on a daily basis. People who are working towards their dream physique are willing to put in all the hard work and try every technique to achieve their goal.

Country Girl

One goal that many people dream to achieve is to have an hourglass body shape. This is, however, not a new ideal that people are chasing.

For centuries, techniques have been designed to attain a smaller waist. Try recalling all those portraits of Victorian women with their waists cinched tightly in their long and flowing gowns. This trend has yet again made a comeback. This is what waist training is all about.

The name itself can give you a hint about it. But you still might be wondering exactly what do waist trainers do. A waist trainer, in its physical appearance, is a shaping garment with high compression that is worn around the middle part of the body.

The primary goal of a waist trainer is to aid in slimming the waist at a faster speed. It is usually used by fitness enthusiasts, both women and men, to speed-up the process of achieving their desired waistline. But there is more to waist trainers than just getting your waist into shape.

Let us take a look at some more information to know what all a waist trainer is capable of.

Helps in Weight Reduction

You must be wondering how can just wearing a really tight piece of fabric make your waist slimmer instantly? Here’s some physics for you.

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One, the compression caused by the waist trainer also moves the floating ribs to create an hourglass-looking shape. No actual weight reduction, but wait till the next point. Two, the compression also causes reduced space in the abdomen, so the user is likely to not eat in large amounts. Finally, the waist trainer’s heat stimulating properties make the user sweat more.

People who use the waist trainer as a supplement to their regular workouts will feel the impact even more. Kim Kardashian has made the trend popular by posting photos of herself wearing a waist trainer while working out. You can trace the waist trainer usage of many Hollywood celebs on social media to understand what do waist trainers do for them.

Corrects Posture

When a person thinks of using a waist trainer, shaping the waist is usually the only goal in mind. However, many users have been pleasantly surprised by how their waist trainer has put them in a habit of maintaining the correct posture.

The compression created by the waist training also keeps their back in place. It becomes difficult to be at ease, in a sense that you cannot slouch while wearing a waist trainer. You’ll see once you wear a waist trainer that automatically you will sit or stand with your back and shoulders upright. This kind of posture will work wonders if in case you have any back troubles.

Enhances Workout

It has become a fitness trend among both women and men to wear waist trainers while working out. The heat produced due to wearing the waist trainers adds to the perspiration caused during the workout. This results in a lot more sweating, leaving the person feeling even more charged and pumped.

It is advisable to wear waist trainers, especially during core workouts. The compression from the waist trainer also focuses on the area of the workout and gives maximum benefits. So, to sum it up directly, wearing a waist trainer during workouts helps you burn fat more easily.

Helps with Postpartum Waist Tightening

In today’s times, a vast majority is focused on staying fit and in great shape. The same goes for women who have newly become mothers. These days, women start working out soon after they deliver the baby, to restore their body back into shape.

Mother and Baby

A waist trainer is a fantastic option for mothers of newborns, who are quick to get back to their fitness regimen. It helps enhance their workout, easing their journey back to their pre-pregnancy figure. Not only that, but a waist trainer also becomes a good way for these new mommies to cover and tighten their post-delivery belly.

A good idea is always to consult with your doctor before starting a new fitness regimen and adopting any new techniques like waist training, right after the baby’s delivery. It is also advised to start with a more comfortable waist trainer and then build your way up to a firmer compression.

Serves as a Fitness Reminder and Makes You Feel Positive

What’s better than having a sense of achievement! Remember the time you were close to quitting on going to the gym but you forced yourself to do it. Or the time when you summoned enough willpower to say no to that chocolate cake because you decided to eat clean? Doesn’t that make you feel great?

Well, wearing a waist trainer can serve as a constant, physically present reminder for you to make healthier life choices. You know you are putting so much effort into achieving your goals, and they should not go to waste because of one moment of weakness. It is when you conquer such obstacles that you feel proud, energetic and even more driven to attain your goals.

So, if you were wondering what do waist trainers do apart from reducing the waist, hope you’ve got your answer.

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Tips to Get the Best Results

Patience and Perseverance: Well, if you are thinking that you can have it all by simply strapping the waist trainer onto your torso for a while, you are wrong! It is called ‘training’ for the very reason that it takes time to get yourself used to the process and your body to respond to it.

The Perfect Fit: It is of utmost importance to find yourself the perfect fit. The ideal fit will be three to four inches less than your waist size. Remember, an ill-fitting waist trainer can do more harm than good. Apart from not showing any results in terms of waist sizing, bad fits can also lead to backaches. 

Time It Right: When you are starting out, let your body get used to the compression in a slow and steady manner. Start by wearing the waist trainer for an hour or two. Once you start getting more comfortable and more confident, you can gradually increase the duration to up to eight hours a day. Soon, you will start feeling comfy as usual while wearing a waist trainer and realizing actually what do waist trainers do.