True Corset Playgirl Label Waist Trainer Review

True Corset Playgirl Label Waist Trainer Review

There is no better and more effective way to reduce your waist than to use a size cutting trainer. The extra piece of garment that goes underneath your regular clothing away from the eyes of the public can do wonders when it comes to reducing the size of your waist.

And when you want a waist cincher with 0% compromise on quality and sturdiness, you have Playgirl label waist cutting trainer that does the job most efficiently.

While comfort does matter, it is the quality of materials and professional stitching that matters the most when you are shopping for a waist reducing corset.

The trainer is supposed to keep your waistline cinched four to six sizes below your waist, and that’s a lot of pressure on its stitches.

Moreover, the makers have to design it to perfection so the wearer can achieve the desired shape.

Any misalignment of the bones can result in undesired pains and pressure for the user. 

The Playgirl label waist trainer checks all the boxes when it comes to sturdiness, quality, and excellence in design.  

True Corset PLAYGIRL LABEL Strong Steel Boned Waist Reducing Trainer


Product Features

  • It has a rock stable structure due to the ten steel bones.
  • The corset is a mix of high-density spiral and flat steel bones
  • The back and front of the trainer have steel busks for closing to provide maximum firmness.
  • The back has a lace closing with an extra full 6-inch modesty panel.
  • The fabric has three layers for maximum durability, i.e., mixed taffeta and 100% cotton cloth layers.
  • It has suspender as well as shoulder loops.
  • Long lacing cords for secure closure despite the waist size.
  • Underbust construction allows the wearer to wear a bra separately.

Product Benefits

This Playgirl waist reducing underbust corset is the perfect choice for beginners. The trainer is meant to last for a long time due to the durability it achieves from the ten high-density metal bones. Its construction is a mix of the spiral as well as flat bones allowing it to put pressure on the waist from all the right angles without loosening with time.

True Corset PLAYGIRL LABEL Strong Steel Boned Waist Reducing Trainer


Due to the purpose that a waist trainer is supposed to serve, it needs to have a robust closure mechanism.

The designers have put a steel busk at the front closure so you can close the corset with the peace of mind.

The back has 6-inch full modesty panels and extra long cords that allow wearers of all sizes to adjust the size of the corset accordingly.

It is the hands of the professionals behind the construction and design of this product that allows users to reduce four to five inches with the use of this shaper.

The three layers of cloth not only reinforce the durability of this product but also make it a comfortable shaper for the beginners. With taffeta backed with 100% cotton, you will never feel any discomfort no matter for how long you wear it.


  • It has steel bones as well as spiral bones that give it the extreme power of cinching without deforming.
  • The metal busk on the front makes closure possible for people of many different sizes.
  • It is an underbust corset giving you the freedom of wearing your favorite bra.
  • The well-built body helps reduce up to 5 inches in no time at all.
  • Modesty panel and long cords make it usable for various waist sizes.
  • It gives the wearer the desired shape instantly.
  • One of the sturdiest options for new users due to the steel bones—no weak plastic bones.


  • Might not be the most affordable body shaper on the market for some.

What Others Say

Customers have shown their love for this body shaper from Playgirl. The good thing is that most of the comments from the reviewers approve the claims that the maker has made. 

For example, many users have loved the sturdiness of the shaper due to the excellent use of steel bones. Moreover, a lot of the users have enjoyed the comfortable design that comes with the use of 100% cotton and taffeta in three different layers.

Some customers have complained a little about the closure mechanism, but they have also shown their love for the quality, design, and comfort.

Many purchasers who made the purchase online also liked the fact that the product looked in real just like it looked on the websites.

Buying Advice

There is no much to think about a corset when you are out to buy one. Your priorities have to be comfort and sturdiness. It is not easy for a piece of garment to instantly cinch your waist by four inches unless there is some high-quality stitching on it along with top quality materials.

Furthermore, wearing such an item can be quite discomforting for the first-timers.

True Corset PLAYGIRL LABEL Strong Steel Boned Waist Reducing Trainer


That’s where Playgirl body shaper takes the cake. At a price that should be reasonable for most of the people, they have created a product with three layers of fabrics that include taffeta and 100% cotton to ensure the comfort of the user. From a price and value standpoint, it is an item you should go for definitely.

Final Verdict

Playgirl body shaping corset is a reasonable purchase when you look at the features, style, and choice of components that make it. One of the factors that should act as a green signal for anyone who wishes to buy this waist trainer is the fantastic reviews that the users have given this product.

The company calls it the choice for first timers so you should pick it up if this is your first time trying a waist trainer to get in your desired shape.

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