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Fajitex Women’s Fajas Colombianas Postpartum Shapewear Review

Fajitex Women’s Fajas Colombianas Postpartum Shapewear

Using postpartum belly wraps is an age-old tradition seen in many cultures around the world. In fact, it’s been done for thousands of years already but moms today can still benefit from this tradition. 

The shapewear of today has gone through many evolutions. They are no longer the painful, stiff binders that women had to endure through in the past. Shapewear is now much more comfortable than ever, designed to help the bodies of moms recover quicker.  Carrying a baby in your belly for nine months means that your stomach stretches to its full capacity, but the use of shapewear assists in compressing the lumbar and abdominal regions to reduce uterus swelling while helping improve your posture. The problem with many of the postpartum wraps out there is that they are made with such poor quality. Most of them tend to bunch up and are very obvious underneath clothing, and provide very little actual benefits.

Postpartum girdles also help new mothers cope with seemingly mundane tasks which are much more difficult when you’ve just given birth. Simple things such as carrying your baby, lifting groceries, and getting in and out of a car can pose a challenge for the bodies of new moms. A good quality girdle gives you the support you need, especially if you already have a back problem to begin with. 

Meet the Fajitex Women’s Fajas Colombianas Postpartum Shapewear, a superior choice among the girdles for new mothers. It’s made from excellent quality, designed to be ultra-comfortable thanks to world-class materials and features. The girdle is constructed using Powernet high compression fabric; 85% nylon and 15% elastomer while its cover fabric is made using jersey. Its unique Slim 3 Technology design helps you in losing weight around the abdomen, reaffirm the body’s shape, and if you’re using creams and gels, helps you keep them intact.

Fajitex Women’s Fajas Colombianas Postpartum Shapewear

Product Features

The Fajitex Women’s Fajas Colombianas Postpartum Shapewear has numerous outstanding features that all new moms will appreciate. These include:

  • Hipster girdle design equipped with left side double line hooks
  • Abdomen level double pressure enhancement for helping to shape your stomach, legs, and back
  • Slim 3 Technology that help you achieve a thinner appearance, reaffirm the body’s shape, and hydrate the skin if you are using gels and creams
  • Powernet high compression fabric for best results

Whether it’s your first baby or not, the Fajitex Women’s Fajas Colombianas Postpartum Shapewear’s great features will come in handy to help you achieve your pre-pregnancy body. It also gives you peace of mind knowing that the Fajas Fajitex brand from Colombia is a trusted name in shapewear for both men and women worldwide. They are recognized for their world-class quality in all their products.

Product Benefits

The Fajitex Women’s Fajas Colombianas Postpartum Shapewear is the ideal choice for new moms who want to reduce the size of their stretched-out tummies after giving birth. Considering the quality of the fabrics and materials used, this is one postpartum girdle that will last you a very long time. Even the hooks itself are extremely durable, so you never have to worry about them unlocking when you’re wearing this girdle.

Fajitex Women’s Fajas Colombianas Postpartum Shapewear Back View

It strategically compresses in all the right places: the abdomen and back, as well as the legs, to help give you a flattering shape after wearing it on a regular basis. The structure assists in strengthening your back for that added support that all new moms need after childbirth. Best of all, it’s discreet enough so you can wear it under clothing when you go out to do errands. It’s also comfortable enough to wear at home. If you ever need to use the ladies’ room, doing so is easy: unlike other girdles that you have to remove from the body completely, which is an inconvenience, this one is equipped with hooks in the seat/pelvic area.

The Fajitex Women’s Fajas Colombianas Postpartum Shapewear comes in black and beige, perfect neutral colors to match your personal style. It leaves the breast area free so that you can wear nursing bras and easily breastfeed whenever you need to. Its design helps to lift your bottoms as well – no one will even know that you just gave birth when you wear this!


  • High compression shaping on the waist, back, and legs
  • Provides lifting support on the parts of your body that needs it the most
  • High-quality hooks and materials
  • Makes using the bathroom easy because the hooks are located in the pelvic area
  • Hipster girdle style with left-side double line hooks for added security
  • Innovative Slim 3 Technology with materials that help you get thinner
  • Powernet high compression fabric
  • Helps to shape and support the back as well


  • May be too pricey for some

What Others Say

The innovative design of the Fajitex Women’s Fajas Colombianas Postpartum Shapewear assists mothers in taking care of their body, and it’s clear that many women love this style. 

Based on reviews from new moms, they love the Fajitex Women’s Fajas Colombianas Postpartum Shapewear. They appreciate that it’s comfortable to wear while shaping the body in the right places; they find that it feels and looks great. Mothers also appreciate that its strategically-placed hooks in the seat area make going to the bathroom easy.  

Some women did find that the Fajitex Women’s Fajas Colombianas Postpartum Shapewear was small upon ordering. However, the brand recommends ordering one size up according to the size chart that they provided. You can avoid this mistake by making sure that you measure correctly.

Buying Advice

Getting the Fajitex Women’s Fajas Colombianas Postpartum Shapewear is a no-brainer if you want to achieve a great-looking body once again after giving birth. Buying it online is easy: even if the brand is Colombian, online shopping websites such as Amazon offer this product and can deliver it to your doorstep.

Final Verdict

The Fajitex Women’s Fajas Colombianas Postpartum Shapewear is a new mother’s best friend. It is supportive, comfortable, and stylish; with features that you would appreciate. Glowing reviews from customers also make this an easy option compared to the other types of shapewear in the market.

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