Wearing a Waist Trimmer All Day — What You Should Know

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Ever since the Kardashian sisters popularized it on their social media timelines, waist trimmers have become a sought-after fitness tool. It works like a modern-day corset but has a lot more health benefits than just aesthetics. With a waist trimmer, you can not only shape your waist but you can also improve your posture, improve your diet and have the body you have always wanted. The following are some tips you may find helpful if you are looking to wear a waist trimmer all day.

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Wearing a Waist Trimmer: How to Start

Wearing a waist trimmer all day can be a tricky path to tread on. When you just start out, you may not be able to sustain it for even 30 minutes. In fact, even getting the waist trainer on may require a fair amount of effort, perhaps even assistance from a friend. So imagine wearing that piece of garment the whole day!

It is bound to be uncomfortable. So while you can wear a waist trimmer all day, you may want to pace yourself when you are just starting out and work your way towards waist training for the entire day.

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Begin Slow

For starters, begin very slowly. Breaking into your waist trimmer can be an uncomfortable experience. It is, after all, a lot like a modern-day corset so squeezing yourself into it for the whole day will take some getting used to. So, when you are starting out with waist training, try it for 30 minutes to an hour on the first day.

Gradually, increase the number of hours you are wearing it for until you can sustain it for the entire day. Give yourself about two weeks to be able to wear your waist trainer for 8 hours (make sure you give your body a small break every couple of hours though).

It is not recommended that you wear it for more than 8 hours as your body also needs a rest from the waist training and your torso needs to breathe.

Watch Your Meals

While this may start happening automatically when you wear the waist trimmer, you will need to be careful about what you are putting in your body. If you eat the wrong kind of food, the discomfort of the waist trimmer may be accentuated. For example, too much salt may make you feel bloated, too much protein can cause indigestion, while too much sugar can make you feel thirsty, give you headaches, and others. 

Counting Calories

So while waist training by itself will compel you to eat only the type of food that makes you feel good, in the first few days, be careful about the food you are packing for your lunch or when you are eating out. Plan your meals ahead so you do not have to eat an emergency bag of potato chips.

Don’t Ignore Signs of Extreme Discomfort

This point is extremely important. Do not overexert your body. If you are feeling extremely uncomfortable with your waist trimmer, there is a good chance that you have a size too small. If, while wearing the waist trimmer, you are having difficulty breathing or you feel faint, remove it immediately.

Waist trimmers can be uncomfortable, but if the discomfort is unbearable, something's not quite right.

Sleeping with a Waist Trainer

Some people prefer to sleep in their waist trimmer to get the eight hours of waist training. While this may not be comfortable for everyone, it can be done. However, ensure you do not wear your waist trainer for more than 12 hours, even if the bulk of the time was spent sleeping.

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Waist trimmers, however, are most effective when you also get some exercise. That is the best opportunity for you to work your core. So sleeping in your waist trimmer may not be as effective as wearing it during the day when you are active.

How to Make the Process More Comfortable

Waist training, no doubt, can be an uncomfortable method of working out. But once you have ironed out the kinks in the first two weeks of your waist training, you should be able to wear a waist trimmer the whole day without feeling any major discomfort.

Other than beginning slowly, however, there are a few different things you can do to make the whole process a lot more comfortable. Firstly, you should moisturize every time you take off your waist trimmer. The tight fit of the trimmer may result in the ends of the garment causing friction against your skin. To prevent any discomfort, dryness and itching, hydrate your skin when you take off the waist trimmer.


Other than that, you can wear a thin camisole underneath it, instead of wearing it directly. The camisole will prevent the waist trimmer from irritating your skin and also prevent the layers of moisture and your own body oils from damaging the waist trimmer. You can also buy non-latex waist trimmers if the material irritates your skin.

Finally, if you have been wearing the waist trainer on a tighter hook the whole day, perhaps after a long day you will be more comfortable wearing it slightly looser. This allows you to gradually loosen the waist trainer, instead of just taking it off and allowing your body to reset immediately. This gives your body some time to adjust, as well as takes care of your own comfort.

Getting the Most out of It

Waist training is a largely fruitful way of working out. Within just a few weeks, you may start seeing the difference in your body. But there are some things you can do to ensure you maximize the benefits of your waist trimmer. The following are some things you can try.


Follow a Plan

Following a daily plan will give you definite goals that you want to achieve. You do not want to keep waist training without achieving something tangible. So make a chart of how long you are going to be waist training in a day. Make a plan of what you will be eating, how much liquid you will be consuming, etc. in order to be ahead of the curve.


Exercising while waist training is very important. The idea is to work on strengthening your core. When you exercise while wearing a waist trainer, you will sweat more and as a result, lose more weight from your abdominal area. The more exercise you get, the better it is for your waist training goals. 

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If you can’t fit too much exercise in your day, try to be as mobile as possible while wearing your waist trimmer. Wear it while taking your dog out to the park or when you go to the end of the curb to throw out your garbage.

Pick the Right Waist Trimmer

If you are going to be wearing your waist trimmer all day, it is important to wear the right waist trimmer. You want to wear something that is comfortable to wear for the whole day and is not visible from underneath your work clothes. Many people end up wearing workout bands for the entire day. But this may not be the wisest choice as workout bands are sturdier so you can wear it during vigorous workouts.

If you wear it through the whole day, you may sweat more and it may even show through your clothes.

Pick Your Clothes

Final Thoughts

Waist training is a great new fitness fad that has shown great benefits for several women. It works your core like few other workout regimes and exercise tools can. The best part is that it requires less effort than a full workout plan at the gym.

Just a few minutes of exercise and sweating can show its effects, as long as you are consistent. Waist training all day can be uncomfortable, to begin with, but once you get used to it, you can wear it all day without even thinking about it twice!