What Is the Purpose of a Waist Trainer?

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Waist training has been doing the rounds in fitness circles since the Kardashian sisters repopularized it on social media. While many may confuse a waist trainer with simply a traditional corset, there is a lot else a waist trainer has to offer apart from simply aesthetics. The following is a brief guide about how a waist trainer works and what purpose it serves.

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How Does a Waist Trainer Work?

waist trainer is a great way to get in shape. It works like a modern-day corset, applying compression to your abdominal area to squeeze it into a shape you desire. When you workout while wearing the waist trainer, the piece of equipment will trigger thermal activity in your abdominal area, causing you to sweat more and lose weight more quickly. It works like a sauna belt, by increasing heat and sweating in your middle area and allowing you to lose belly fat more easily.

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The main difference is that the waist trainer will only work if you put in the work. With a sauna belt, a certain vibration may be created which causes your abdominal area to be engaged in exercise. But with a waist trainer, you are expected to create an entire fitness regimen where you need to take care of getting enough exercise, following the right kind of diet as well as taking care of wearing the waist trainer regularly enough for it to make a difference. 

The waist trainer works by compressing your abdominal area and creating enough heat so you lose weight more quickly. It is a piece of equipment, or practically a piece of clothing, you can wear at all times. If you are going to work, you can wear the waist trainer underneath your clothes. If you are going to the gym, you can (and you must) work out with your waist trainer on. Even if you are doing chores around the house or are simply going for a walk outside for some fresh air, waist training is conducive in all of these circumstances.

In the following part of this article, the purpose of a waist trainer will be discussed. 

The Purpose of a Waist Trainer

There are several uses of a waist trainer, which if applied with care and with responsibility, can bear several fruits. The following are some of the best uses of a waist trainer that you will appreciate within the first few weeks of using it.


One of the biggest purposes of using a waist trainer is the fact that it works so hard at shaping your waist. The compression applied to your abdominal area plays a great and definitive part in shaping your figure. Within the first few months of using the waist trainer, you will begin to feel the difference in your figure. Your waist will begin to acquire the shape the trainer is compelling it to take by way of compression.

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Of course, it does not happen overnight and you do need to put in a lot of work. But a waist trainer surely is a great motivator for keeping your fitness regime on and for following the right kind of discipline to achieve the kind of body you desire.


The improvement in your posture is another great advantage of using a waist trainer. The steel bones in most waist trainers will compel your body into shape and to stand in the correct posture. The waist trainer will offset your stomach muscles, automatically programming your body into the right posture.

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This is a great boon for the long run as the sooner you correct your posture, the greater the chance that you will be devoid of lower back and muscle pain. This is especially beneficial if your job requires you to be chained to a desk for 8 hours. That kind of job, with increased screen time, will invariably mean that your posture will be affected. A waist trainer in such circumstances is a great addition to your lifestyle.

Core Strength

As has been mentioned before, the waist trainer creates thermal heat in the abdominal area which creates a condition for sweating. It allows you to burn calories and fat faster. But even as you are doing that, you are engaging your core muscles. While you are focusing on other kinds of workouts, be it weight training or cardio, your core muscles will invariably be engaged by way of the waist trainer.

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Even the little exercise you do, your core muscles will continue to be strengthened because the waist trainer will constantly act on them. This leads to your core muscles being strengthened to a great degree. Strong core muscles mean you can end up doing several other exercises that you would find hard to do otherwise, using special strength that can only be achieved by cultivating it. Having great core strength also means a flat stomach, which is, for a lot of people, the objective of waist training.

Appetite Suppressor

The waist trainer works as an appetite suppressor as well. When you have the waist trainer on, you will automatically want to eat smaller portions. Since the waist trainer is applying compression on your abdomen, your body will reject too much food. This does not mean waist training encourages starving.


In fact, it is quite the opposite. Waist training encourages you to eat a healthy meal, without indulging in overeating. Gradually, you will find yourself wanting to avoid the types of food that make you bloat or feel unhealthy. Using the waist trainer is a great way to maintain a healthy diet.

Final Thoughts

Waist training is a fun, convenient and popular way to get into shape. Not only is it a form of physical training you can do at all times, it does not cost a lot of money and only requires you to be diligent while wearing the waist trainer. As long as you maintain a regular exercise regime and follow a healthy diet, a waist trainer can serve you greatly. So go ahead and find a waist trainer that suits you the best. Do not ‘waste’ that gorgeous waist!